Name: Bob Wijtsma  
Instrument: El. Guitar  
Date of birth:


Zodiac: Pisces  
Musical background:    
  At the age of eight, my father inspired me to play the guitar. I decided I wanted to take classical guitar lessons. Therefore I went to a well known teacher named, Dick van der Kaaden. After four years of playing the classical instrument, I wanted to do more challenging stuff. Because of that I bought an electric guitar!

At the age of eleven, I started to play in my first cover band called: “Undercover” at a later stage I played with yet another cover band called Frantic. We did a couple of gigs, which was a good experience for me, but as my technical skills grew I quitted the band to search for yet another challenge.

So I went to high school; the “HAVO voor muziek en dans”. At this school I was given the opportunity to get a lot of musical training and guitar lessons from Erik ball. Who is an excellent teacher! I became very interested in great players such as: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Brian May, Stevie ray Vaughan, Richie blackmore and Ace Frehley and some of the early metal guitarist like Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen. Later on I discovered guitarist like, Michael Romeo and John Petrucci. I discovered that the style I liked most was Contemporary rock music or progressive metal stuff.

I really dug myself into this stuff and at the age of sixteen I did an audition for the Rotterdam conservatory. I passed with an.8.5. On the Conservatory I got lessons from the following teachers: Menno Gootjes (Focus), Age Kat (the Frog), Leendert Haaksma (Anouk, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Soulvation), Martijn van Agt (Anouk, Ilse de Lange) and Rogier Wagenaar (Claudia de Breij). During my college time I got the opportunity to play with many talented players, I played with people like Isaac Delahaye (God Dethroned), Coen Janssen (Epica) and many more great guys! After four years of studying I graduated on the 22th of june 2005 with an eight!

In my college time I did an audition with the band Xystus. And I passed! With Xystus we did a whole bunch of shows with bands like Epica, After Forever, Kamelot, Trail of Tears and other great bands. One of the highlights was the European tour we did with Epica in 2005. We also released 3 studio albums and we did a massive show in 2008 with a big orchestra called Equilibrio.

As time progresses, I felt the need to search for another band where I can expand my musical abilities! With B.O.D. I found what I was looking for! We did a couple of rehearsals and there was this magic chemistry, so I hope we can rock the stage in the near future!! check out my website:


Bob uses:


Mayones Regius 7 electrical guitar green finish

Mayones Regius 7 electrical guitar Purple finish

Mayones Regius 7 electrical guitar White finish (Floyd rose)

ENGL INVADER 100 watt top

ENGL4x12 Cabinet

ENGL Footswitch

Rocktron Expression 19” effect rack unit

Sennheisser ew172 G2 Wireless system





With former band "Xystus":


Receiving Tomorrow (2004)

Surreal (2007)

My Chrysalis single (2007)

Equilibrio CD (2008)

Equilibrio DVD+ 2 live cd (2008)

  Michael Romeo, Jason Becker,Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Russel Allen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tony Mcalpine, John Petrucci, Jason Becker, Nevermore, Jeff Loomis, Megadeth  
  Symphony X, Adagio, Cacophony, Metallica, Queen, Dream Theater, Van Halen, Elegy   

the Divine wings of tragedy and Paradise Lost - Symphony X

Underworld  -  Adagio

Magnum Opus, Seventh sign - Yngwie Malmsteen

Perpetual Burn - Jason Becker

Dragon’s Kiss - Mart Friedman

Alien love Secrets - Steve Vai

And Justice for all - Metallica

Made in Heaven, Jazz, Queen I - Queen

Metropolis 2 Scenes from a memory -  Dream Theater

                             + Images and words


Van Halen I + II  -  Van Halen

Couldn’t stand the Weather - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Yes album : YES

This Godless Endeavour - Nevermore

Zero order Phase - Jeff Loomis

Rust in Peace, Endgame - Megadeth

All solo records - Paul Gilbert                             bert