Name: Luuk van Gerven  
Instrument: Bass Guitar  
Date of birth:


Zodiac: Virgo  
Musical background:    
   I started making music at the age of 10 when I joined the local brass band, which is almost common for all young kids in the province of Limburg (southern part of the Netherlands). This is where I learned to read notes, played the French horn and found out about music theory. When a friend of mine at high school started playing the guitar, I had to do it as well, first acoustic guitar and a little later the electric guitar. Just messing around, no lessons, and trying to play along some rock/metal songs.

 The first time I touched a bass guitar was when I was asked by a class mate at high school to join his band. I still remember that I was surprised by the large distance between the frets and by the fact that a bass guitar has only four strings… The band was called Apocalypse at the time (1995) and later on the band name changed into After Forever. This was the first band for all of us and we used to describe our music as dark symphonic metal . As time proceeded, our musical skills did as well. We found a record company that wanted to invest serious money in us, leading to After Forever's debut album in 2000. From that time on, till our break / band stop in 2008, the band was quite successful. We did hundreds of gigs ranging from small venues (including shit holes) to big arenas and open air festivals. I especially remember our first European tour, where we were a support act of Nightwish. The tour was completely sold out and was really overwhelming. Also our times in north and south America are still in my mind, absolutely great to play for such an enthusiastic audience.

When After Forever stopped in 2008, a great episode in my life ended in which I developed as a musician, had great times and met lots of nice people and fellow musicians. From 2008 on I started working as a hydrologist, as I have been studying for almost 10 years while playing in After Forever, which resulted in a Master degree in both Hydrology and Geophysics. In my spare time I kept on making music. Andre (After Forever's drummer) asked me to join his cover band Cell 29, which later on evolved into Monsters of Pop, where I got to know Rodney J. In the meantime I joined the bands Cardamon, Hangover Hero and Xystus, where I met Bob J. Now it's time to join forces with Richard, Bob and Rodney in Blaze of Darkness!!



Warwick Thumb Bass






After Forever

Studio albums

·         Prison of Desire (2000)

·         Decipher (2001)

·         Invisible Circles (2004)

·         Remagine (2005)

·         After Forever (2007)


·         Exordium (2003)



·         Follow in the Cry (2000)

·         Emphasis/Who Wants to Live Forever (2002)

·         Monolith of Doubt (2002)

·         My Choice/The Evil That Men Do (2003)

·         Digital Deceit (2004)

·         Being Everyone (2005)

·         Two Sides/Boundaries Are Open (2006)

·         Energize Me (2007)

·         Equally Destructive (2007)



Studio album

·         The Sun as Never (2011)