Name: Richard van Leeuwen  
Instrument: Drums    
Date of birth:


Zodiac: Sagittarius  
Musical background:    

Back in his teens, Richard started playing drums in the (cult-status) Trash Metal band VULTURE. Richard responds: “There were not many Metal bands in The Netherlands at that time, so Vulture was quite successful resulting in supporting MANOWAR and ANTRHAX.” However, Richard claims that his ‘big break’ came a few years later, after joining the Rock band FLYER. “At that point our CD was released by a Major Company, we had a lot of airplay and I got recognized as a serious drummer.”

Richard joined the Melodic Death Metal band THRENODY, playing drums on their 2nd CD. “At that point I was influenced by all those technical Jazz and Metal drummers. In this band, there was no need to hold back, resulting in some interesting avant-garde drum parts.” This resulted in overwhelming press releases about Richard’s technical drum skills. THRENODY played the prestigious Music & Harmony in the Jaarbeurshal in Utrecht, followed by several German and UK shows.

Soon, Richard was asked to replace the drummer of FROZEN SUN, who were in the middle of their first Mojo Concerts Tour. “Musically this was not really my piece of cake, however I was blinded by their success and I was proud when asked to join them.” FROZEN SUN released 2 CD’s and 4 MTV Music Video’s. Several intensive tours followed supporting THE GATHERING, GOREFEST and FAITH NO MORE. Furthermore they did prestigious shows like Dynamo Open Air and MTV Live.

Late 90’s, Richard met Rodney Blaze. The drummer remembers: “I was doing all kind of things at that time, like replacing the drummer of WITHIN TEMPTATION for a partial tour, playing with the New York based glam guitarist ADAM BOMB and so on. I also did quite some shows with BLOCK BUSTERS, a 70’s tribute band.” Their original singer Ian Parry quit and his position was followed up by Rodney. “I still remember I was overwhelmed by Rodney’s incredible voice, however soon our paths parted… to rejoin forces, years and years later with BLAZE OF DARKNESS…!”

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Richard uses:

TAMA StarClassic drums and Zildjian cymbals.