Blaze of Darkness ( B.O.D.) formally known as "Xenobia" started out in the year 2000 as an instrumental trio, with bands like Dream Theater, Rush and Pantera as major influences. From 2002 till 2005 the band performed with a violin player and played with bands like Suncaged and Bumblefoot. One of the highlights of that time was playing at the prestigious Headway Festival together with bands like Textures, Ice Age and Watchtower.

After five years of playing only instrumental stuff, the band decided to go for a totally different direction: the violin player left Xenobia, and the band wrote a whole new repertoire and came in contact with singer Rodney Blaze, who people may know of his contribution to the re-issue album "The Final Experiment - Special Edition  and  Timeline " by Ayreon.

After recording the EP Burn it away, and writing new material for the upcoming CD they decided to do a name chance-over on the first of January 2010 to B.O.D.  For them it means a new year with a new start ! so welcome to Blaze of Darkness!