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Star one - Victims of the modern age

Arjen asked Rodney if he wanted to help him out with his second "Star One" album called: "Victims of the modern age" to do guide vocals for Toni Martin (ex - Black Sabbath) and Russell Allen (Symphony X).

After tis was done Arjen asked Rodney to be part of this album and let hem sing one of the CD tracks called: Two plus two equals five.

Rodney wrote: Thanks again mate! Always a pleasure working with you!

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Ayreon - Timeline

First-ever Ayreon compilation album: Timeline!! It's a great honor that Arjen put Rodney's version of Ayreon's song "the Accusation" on this compilation album!

Click on the next link to get all the info about tis great package!: TIMELINE








Ayreon - The final experiment - SE

Arjen asked Rodney if he wanted to be a guest singer for his re-issue album "The Final Experiment - Special edition".

Without hesitation Rodney entered Arjen's Castle to record the song: "The Accusation".

Check out all about this CD on the Ayreon site: .







Rodney Blaze - Behind doors

This CD contains lots of different styles of music,that's what makes this cd extra special.

With this project Rodney likes to show the world, that music is a very big thing, and its realy fun to experience some other styles once in a while.

The tittle "Behind doors" is chosen, because this cd opens doors to different styles of music. But you will find that out when you listen to it.







Rodney Blaze - Back to the future

Back to the future was recorded at a studio known as The mix

This album contains only covers from bands of the 70's and 80's like: Deep purple, The Eagles and Uriah heep.

This product has been recorded in 1997.







Rodney Blaze - Pink Bagger

Pink bagger is a try out album, for getting to know the in's en out's of Rodney's Homestudio.

This product has been recorded and mixed in 1998.

Vocals by: Rodney, B.vocals by: Rodney, Leadguitar by: Rodney, Rhythem Guitar by: Rodney. Most midi music made by: Rodney.

All arregements by: PINK-FLOYD.






Rodney Blaze - A tribute to Aerosmith

As a great fan of "Aerosmith" Rodney could not resist the temptation to record a few songs from this amazing band.









Block Busters - Powder to the people

Powder to the people, do I need to say more? I don't think so!you can read it all at:

This is one of Rodney's band and is still active there, many songs of the 70's are preformed on this CD, and is still available.

There also a lot of special and famous guests preforming on this check them out here!!!!







Xenobia - Burn it away

This is one of Rodney's former bands and has been split up in 2010. In 2008 this EP was made and had some very nice revieuws in well known magazines.

After the break-up, all music was taken over by Rodney's recent band "Blaze of Darkness"

You can check out all ins and outs on:







Fatal Atrraction - Wonderland

Fatal attraction, is a project that runs for a while now it's an recording expiriment for own written songs.

All songs are written and composed by H. v/d Heuvel, accept "Keep on loving you", this one is written by R. Blaze himself.

All recordings have been taken place in H.v/d Heuvel's home studio.