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 The date is December 11, 1808, when due to a tragic accident (or was it not an accident...) the castle completely burns down. Jefferso Hollingsworth, Lavinia Eden-Hollingsworth and Jefferso’s mother, Elizabet, lose their lives in the fire. Jefferso and Lavinia always wanted children, but that wish was never fulfilled.

 123 years later … 1931, the castle, rebuilt, is immaculate and known as one of the top castles in the country.

 The prosperous family Welbourne moves from the city to the remote castle. Howard Welbourne is a successful businessman and is seeking to grow (focus on) his career. His wife Dolores is an artist and hopes that the tranquility will feed her artistic capabilities in order to create beautiful paintings. Joanne is the family’s daughter and is 9 years old. Due to the remote location of the castle, she is taught by Selina Blackaby, the house servant who came with the purchase of the castle. Selina appears to have been living in the castle for quite a while …

 The family is happy, free of any hardships. Life is going well for them.

 The castle has had various owners over the many years following the fire.

 However, due to inexplicable events, the inhabitants never stayed for a long period of time. Through the years numerous rumors and stories were told about the mysterious castle. The unsuspecting family Welbourne moved into the castle without knowing its history and all its consequences.

 One of the rumors following the fire, was that the family Hollingsworth has always remained living in the castle. Former inhabitants even claim they saw the Hollingsworths.

 Since the building of the castle (1617), Selina Blackaby has been the house servant. Selina is 3 centuries old, miraculously, and is neither alive, nor dead. For the living she appears as a middle-aged woman. She knows all the inhabitants of the castle, both living and otherwise, and has the gift to communicate with them all. Moreover, Selina appears to be the ‘window’ to the other side.

 Through Selina we will become acquainted with the family Hollingsworth, the original inhabitants of the castle who died in the fire. (If they were the original inhabitants, then the castle was empty—except for Selina—for almost 200 years after it was built—that seems odd.) Will the family Hollingsworth nevertheless be able to fulfill their wish to have a child? Lavinia is prepared to give up everything in order to fulfill this wish. Will her mother-in-law, Elizabet, be able to save Joanne from this nightmare? Elizabet will not allow any contact of the dead with the living… Jefferso, and especially Livinia, think otherwise